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Like the stagecoaches of old that were the fastest way to get from point "A" to "B", Life-Coaching moves us from where we are now, to where we want to be. 





And, like coaches of old and new that are used for transport:

LifePlan - Marital Coaching - Life Coaching - Transitional Coaching - Executive Coaching  and Board of Directors Coaching . . . provided by NCS will guide you toward the destination you already know - or want to discover - and want to reach.

Two Day Individual LifePlan™

LifePlan™ is a two day intensive designed to move you quickly toward your goals.  It's 20+ hours over two days - a condensed one on one coaching process.  See for details and a printable brochure.   We believe that follow up coaching is so important to your LifePlan™ that we suggest six months of weekly follow up coaching.  It is not mandatory - it just makes good sense to us.  The fees for LifePlan™ are listed on our Fee Payment Page. 

Life Coaching is built into LifePlan™, and is accomplished in a variety of ways.  If you choose to do your LifePlan™, we'll find the best implementation for you.  Tax deductible [to qualified donors], LifePlan™ scholarships may be available through Heritage Appreciation Council, Inc. 

Telephone or In Office Coaching

Our goal is to assist you in discovering  reaching those destinations.  We'll help you determine where you are today; show you how to dig deep to find your values, strengths, desires and passions.  Then we'll work with you to define the issues, guide you through writing your personal Vision and Mission, and help you look for the obstacles in your path.  Finally our goal will be to assist you in determining the steps that will get you where you want to go.  We'll help you identify those past experiences that may hold you back in the future.  You'll move at your own pace not ours, without our pushing you. You'll receive respect for your values and we'll share our own, so that you stretch, not snap.  All along the way we'll be there to provide encouragement and accountability along with a variety of tools to guide the process.

National Consulting and Coaching Services works with those who are motivated to move forward from where they are to where they'd like to be.  This is accomplished most often telephonically, but can be done in our office as well.  Bi-weekly phone calls of 20 minutes to a half hour are scheduled in advance, and we'll follow a script to keep you moving forward.   Included in our monthly fee are spot calls, and you may email questions or thoughts at any time. 

We'll begin with an Client Information Questionnaire so we can get to know you and roughly where you are headed, then a half hour interview by phone to confirm that coaching is for you.    Our Fee Payment Page gives structured costs for individuals, couples, churches and corporate clients. They are billed monthly. They may be paid by check or by credit card through PayPal.









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