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Our Mission is summarized in three words:
Helping People Prosper

When expanded, we say it is: The Planning Process of Prospering People through their Potential for Productivity and Pfun.
And we call it The NCS, 7P program.  1986 - National Consulting Services


NCS was founded in 1978 after several entrepreneurial business owners had asked us for help revitalizing their companies. When their growth had outstripped what training and experience they had to maintain well organized and prospering companies, they came seeking answers and help.  Since then we have successfully assisted many entrepreneurs work through their problems with growth or the need to downsize.

In the process, we've observed that the personality and drive that begins a new venture, seldom has all the resources to manage that organization after it reaches the point where it is too complex for all the details and decisions to be handled by one individual.  Our role is to bring to your company those skills that can diagnose with you the problems that exist and provide the solutions that will restore the vitality that is the hallmark of a healthy enterprise.

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In the past two decades, much has been said regarding the value of Six Sigma, Teaming, Total Quality Management (TQM), Empowerment, Strategic Planning, Process Mapping, Continuous Improvement, etc., but at the bottom line there remains the need for someone to lead these processes. This leadership is a crucial element of all management principles; one that is often under-demonstrated by those who pioneer and build a business; for while the entrepreneur usually has the gift of "vision" and hard work, they find it difficult to transition from running the company by themselves to choosing and trusting others to assist the process.

It may seem like the big goal is profit, but in truth, the operative goal is helping people.  Profits result from either the abuse of people, or helping people thrive.   From the owners, staff and line employees, to the customer, it's about people; and all of the "TQ" programs will not supplant a need for leadership ability and thoughtful and planned demonstrations of caring for people.

NCS helps owners discover and understand real leadership tools by wedding current management operatives to the needs of the entrepreneur and their staff, and helping them use these tools more effectively to bring positive and cost efficient changes through-out the organization, minimizing the trauma frequently associated with change.

 Our programs have many strategic implications and are implemented through senior management. Once the problem areas have been evaluated with the owners, we help identify those potential leaders who can take on the workload necessary to help the transitions and assist the owner in training those individuals for the future.

We believe that joint commitment and loyalty between owners and staff are essential to well managed growth, and that the company with a maturing and stable staffing plan will consistently outperform those organizations who hire and fire with regularity.

 To that end, NCS has assembled a group of associates who can quickly identify your needs, and provide affordable solutions that will keep your business prospering.

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