The sons and daughters of Charles Farr (1760-1832)
beginning with a brief pictorial history.

  Charles was born on April 29,1760 (according to records from my grandfather) and married to Anna Litus. Their children were Caleb, Charles, Sarah, Elvira Regina, Mary Laura and Calvin, who was my great great grandfather.

I would be interested in finding pictures of any of these individuals, particularly Calvin. Calvin (born in 1796) was married to Matilda Barbour (2nd picture below), and they had nine children. Matilda, Calvin, Chancy (or Chauncy), Amanda, Cyrus, Sarah, Alfred, Oscar and Carlos. Carlos was my Great Grandfather. This is the only photo I have of Calvin, and the other is from the cemetery in Brandon NY.


Following, is a picture of five of the brothers. I am seeking pictures of them all, particularly those with Carlos and the sisters.

 The Farr Brothers
          Alfred                     Oscar
   Cyrus                Chancy                       Carlos


            Matilda Barbour Farr      Sarah Drew Farr
Matilda is the mother of the brothers in the above great great grandmother
Sarah was the daughter-in-law of Matilda, married first to Chancy (or Chauncy), then to Cyrus.


Elmer Farr           Herman Farr
Ellen Elizabeth Bemis Farr            Carlos Farr
My Great Grandparents and Grandfather Elmer and Grand Uncle Herman.

Cyrus Farr
Cyrus was Carlos' brother. He was married to Alzina Crandall,
and then to Sarah Drew (after his brother Chancy and Alzina died)

These pictures are actually Xerox copies I received from Audrey Olson, or Edith Mann who are distant cousins.  I would appreciate any pictures and details on the lives of all those above, but particularly of Calvin and Matilda, Oscar and Ellen.  If you have anything on Cyrus and Sarah, I'll be happy to forward it on to Audrey and Edith.  Thank you for visiting this site, may God bless your own genealogical efforts, and if I can help you with anything, please write to me at

I look forward to hearing from any and all family members, and hope we can share stories and pictures of our history.

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