Ground Zero - July 2002
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Looking NE from Ground Zero -    
St. Paul's Chapel left of tall building.

Panning right from last picture. Both were taken where the VIP platform was in December.

The Salvation Army Tent used be here where the fence is now.

Looking SW, this building has yet to be made safe.

From the tent site looking South. Street now opened, was the truck exit from GROUND ZERO last December.

This building is also not repaired, but the flag is still there.

...and work continues...

Approaching St. Joseph's Chapel past the inlet and dock.

The memorial in front of St. Joseph's continues to have tributes and messages of hope and encouragement posted.

St. Joseph's, where some of the SBC group served food to GROUND ZERO workers, is now closed.


Paul and Marian Newman returned to New York this summer. They write:


"Marian and I had the opportunity to re-visit GROUND ZERO this last July. We found the area very busy with people working and many visitors to the site.

We were very disappointed when we found St. Joseph's Chapel closed. A sign on the door stated that services would be at an other church near by.   As you can see by the pictures, the white (Salvation Army) tent is gone, and the streets are open to traffic.  I was amazed by the amount of new construction going on.  

I stopped in one of the office buildings, (World Trade Center West Plaza II), for a cup of coffee, where I met an elderly gentleman that is one of the security guards.   I asked if it was good to get back to work?   He said it really was good to get on with life.   I also asked where he was when it happened?   He said he was working that day and that he had the privilege to help three ladies get out of the building safely.   He told me that a lot of news coverage went to the Firemen and Police but not a word about the loss of many security guards that day.   They where the ones who directed the Firemen and Police where to go.  They stayed in the building and even went up the stairs with the Firemen.    I told him I too didn't hear of the Security Guards, but I would pray for Him and them. I also said I would share with the people at Scottsdale Bible Church and ask the people at home to pray for security guards and their families.

When we left the area I came away with the feeling that the people of New York City are healing and trying to get on with life. I'm sure that next month will be very hard on the city and its people, but the rebuilding is on its way, and the people of the city and the country will prevail."

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