Your LifePlan™ unfolds in this manner:

● Your discovery begins with a look at where you are today.

● Then you will examine your life and the turning points you've moved through.

● Next, you'll delve into the messages you've taken to heart from life and others - examine your core values and consider and challenge the road blocks that have held you back.

● Prayerfully, we'll discuss your talents, passions, longings, needs and from that construct your Criteria for Fulfillment.

● We'll follow that with a look at how you work and think, and where you "fit" - where you're most comfortable.

Then your facilitator will ask you to take some time to reflect on all you’ve discovered and encourage you to surrender it all to the Lord – asking Him to reveal your LifePlan™. We’ll gather all the information and as He reveals it to you, we’ll plot a strategic plan for your life.         


● Your LifePlan™begins with an understanding that God had a plan for your life before your conception  Prayerfully read and consider Jeremiah 29:11

LifePlan™ is TWO full days - back to back - in an informal and relaxed atmosphere for an intensive look at your life, guiding you toward finding the unique plan that God created you for

Your LifePlan™ is a process God inspires from the unrolling pages of your life story. It is life-tailored to you, to provide a personal blueprint to keep you focused and intentional — now and in the future

● It is trusting that His plan is not something you construct -- it is discovered. And it becomes an on-going process, becoming the man or woman that God wants you to become

It mandates asking the Holy Spirit to guide the process of looking at your Sacred Trust - your gifts, God's activity throughout your life, and the life experiences you've encountered - and allowing the Holy Spirit to bring spiritual discovery and breakthrough thinking   Prayerfully read and consider John 5:14

● It is applying your unique giftedness toward your unique purpose.   It is not about "doing", - it is about "being" and "becoming" - proactively reaching for the God designed --- you

It is believing and understanding that when you use your unique gifts — you fulfill your unique purpose

It is allowing your LifePlan™ facilitator to guide you through two very full days of life constructs and exercises to help you discover that purpose

It is anticipating that second afternoon when you’ll create your personal action plan for five domains of your life: Personal, Family & Friends, Church & Kingdom, Vocation, and Community.

It is opening your life to a same-sex LifePlan™ Partner of your choosing who will help you stay on task - it's being accountable.




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