When is LifePlanan appropriate investment in my life ?

LifePlan™ is for any stage of life -  from mid twenties to post retirement

If you have been sensing the Holy Spirit’s prompting about the PURPOSE in your life, your MISSION, or BALANCE, then you may be ready to explore your life in depth, and discover God’s unique plan

● If you have been asking yourself if there isn’t MORE to life than you are experiencing, LifePlan™ may be the tool for you

If you have gnawing DISSATISFACTION with your career, your ministry, your goals, the use of your time and talent, then this may be the right time to discover God’s unique LifePlan™for your life

If you’ve had what seem like endless failures, mismatches and lost joy , it may be that your vocation is not in line with your unique gifts and turning points - the Holy Spirit will guide you to finding and giving yourself permission to change

If you feel that your vocation is draining you, rather than filling you with energy, LifePlan™ may be in God’s timing for your life

If you are frustrated because you know what you should be doing, but continue to NOT do it, and seem unable to break the pattern, then the Holy Spirit may unlock the door to change with your personal LifePlan™ Prayerfully read & consider Rom 7:14-25 & 1 Cor 9:23-27





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