How do I know if I Am ready or Not ready for my personal LifePlan?

Wanting a LifePlan™ and being at a point in your life where you are ready for one are not always the same thing.  There are several factors that we both need to consider

LifePlan™ is unique to followers of Christ - for it is with the Holy Spirit’s help that you create a personalized LifePlan™ for the stage of life you are in today, and learn how to keep God’s plan for your life at the center of your future adjustments

LifePlan™ challenges participants to look at their heart, asking God to help them fully surrender to Christ, and to allow the Holy Spirit to draw out their insight and wisdom for new perspectives and decisions. Tom Paterson reminds "Your facilitator is the process—you are the content"

LifePlan™ is not counseling or therapy, and it is not for those who do not wish to change or work on change once opportunities are considered

LifePlan™ is not for those who have difficulty letting others speak into their lives - instead fastly holding onto all control without accountability. Participants are asked to select a friend to be their LifePlan™ Partner or may use a coach to provide continuing encouragement and accountability

LifePlan™ may well be the beginning of a change for you, but is not the end of change in your life,  today or in the future.   It is the sometimes painful process of looking at your life through the constructs of, Your Story, The Four Helpful Lists, Turning Points, Talent Search, Thinking Wavelength, and your Drive and Comfort Zones.

Take the LifePlan™ Self Assessment and email us your answers.  From these 20 questions we'll let you know within twenty-four hours whether we believe you need a LifePlan™ and if you are ready for one.   (Right Click here to download the Assessment tool)



Ok — I’m ready for LifePlan™ what is my next step?

Contact Don Farr at National Consulting Services, if you are ready, or if you have further questions. Reach Don at : 480 998 3919 or by email at





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