What people are saying
about Tom Paterson's LifePlan™

“It is a process-guide. Approach it prayerfully. Take the time necessary to apply it to your own life...and you will be amazed what God can do with your life.
Rick Warren
—Founding Pastor, Saddleback Valley Community Church.

This process has helped me mightily to get my Second Half game plan clear.
Bob Buford
—Author, Halftime

“No person in America can match the system for personal development that Tom Paterson has constructed.”
Don Eberly
—Founder & Chairman, The National Fatherhood Initiative.

This strategic plan process changed my life. During my two-day experience with a facilitator I saw my “turning points” as divine appointments, not as a mixture of disconnected experiences. I came away with hope and clear direction for next steps.
Carol Travilla
— Licensed Psychologist, author and LifePlanTM facilitator

The Holy Spirit used my personal LifePlanTM to give me an understanding of my unique giftedness and the best ways and places I can contribute to His kingdom. It is why I’m a LifePlanTM facilitator today.
Don Farr
—Director, National Coaching Services and your LifePlanTM facilitator





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