Am I ready for my Personal LifePlan™ ?



             LifePlan™  Readiness Assessment

This assessment will take but a few minutes of your time, and we believe it to be a good indicator of whether investment in a personal  LifePlan™  would be timely and wise at this point in life.   Enter  a Yes or No answer for the questions 1 - 21, and briefly respond to the last three.   Then complete the information at the bottom and push SUBMIT.  

We'll respond within 24 hours whether we believe  a LifePlan™ is right for you at this time in your life or not.  This assessment is in no way binding on you or us and is not used to sell you on any of our services, but is designed to give you feedback on whether we believe LifePlan™ is an option for you at this time in your life.  We'll tell you in one email what we think,  and that's it, unless you choose to carry a discussion further..

 1.  I believe I am living the life I was meant to live.   

 2. I believe that life is a sacred trust.   

 3. I have come to a personal relationship with the Lord.   

 4. I have discerned, know, and am comfortable with my giftedness.  

 5. I am ready to do His will for me.  

 6. I believe the barriers will fall.  

 7 My life is currently "in balance".  

 8. My work is play.  

 9. I can find a LifePlan™ Partner after my LifePlan™ facilitation.   

10. I am really living.  

11. I can trust sufficiently to be enabled by a LifePlan™.  

12. I am living a life of accountability to God, even if not perfectly.  

13. I am at a crossroads in my life.  

14. I can achieve breakthrough with His help.  

15. I need a mentor-confidant.  

16. I am emotionally ready for a LifePlan™.  

17. LifePlan™ enabling sounds exciting to me.  

18. I am living the life for the season I am in.  

19. I am happy with my personal Vision.  

20. I am able and willing to invest my time and financially to my future.  

21. I have read Tom Paterson's book, "Living the Life You Were Meant To Live" ?    

21a My current age and my gender.    

22. Briefly describe your relationship with God, frequency of church attendance, and areas where you serve in the church and/or community today. 

23.  I believe that the compelling reasons for me to have a personal LifePlan™ at this time in my life are:

33. Please share with us how or who helped you find our site.  (Referred by name, Search engine, Etc.). 

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