New York Counseling - Group Two

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Sky Harbor 5 am Sunday. we come.

Chicago Sunday - "Flight Canceled".

Taking it in Stride...

...with NO Whining

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Breakfast on Monday...

...and ready to work.

Still eating, or is Ted sleeping?

My, that was a GOOD bagel.

Wondering where we'll be assigned.

We Walked by St. Patrick's Cathedral...

...but didn't have time to go in.

We also had a short time to wander... to Rockefeller Center... a group, before our Orientation...

...on a chilly Monday Morning...

...taking time for a duo picture.

It wasn't too crowded that day.

Interesting Statuary.

Our Leaders Bev & Pastor Wayne
- ready to work

..Guess what's in the blue box?

(Who are you accusing of being Crabby ?)

Food line is ready to go !!!

Busy food line.

Busier yet...

Hungry Firefighters...

...and more of em.

Mary (right) runs St. Joseph's Chapel....

...a place of refuge and food...

...and well stocked with soft drinks.

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Our Replacement Crew...

...with a tired Fireman.

Time for a quick walk in Central Park

...with the Matthew's.

Aren't they cool, er cold ?

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Guess who rides a 1 am subway?
Chaplain Bob Spears from TN,behind Bev.

We were the only ones on board.

Buildings around Ground Zero...

...those that did not get badly damaged.

One entrance to Ground Zero.

Firemen returning to work at Ground Zero.

The Irish Hunger Memorial.

Macy's on Dec 19th.

The view as we left work at 8 am.
(What a powerful statement she makes)

One of the many memorials.

Another - next to Ground Zero.

Close up...

...and again.

One view on the way out of Ground Zero -That's NJ.

...along the Southern tip of Manhattan.

St Paul's Chapel is a gathering site for all.
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We passed Time Square on our way to the Lamb's Church.

That's where The Ball drops,

at midnight on 12/31.


The next day, it was wall to wall people here.


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Our debriefing dinner.

Tired BUT hungry !

Sharing the different things we did with other group members.

Ok now - let's try to get organized for a group picture.

Pull it together guys...

OK - Hold IT - now SMILE.

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Waiting for the van...

...and at La Guardia

We've an hour to go.

Soon Patti, soon....

Now push Rudy,

(My irreverent look at NY politics)



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- but not forgotten -



Thoughts as we unwind.

Click here to see updated pictures and thoughts from July 2002

To see and read about the first group that went to New York the week prior to our group:

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