Christian PAIRS  The Practical Application of Intimate Relationship Skills, guides a relationship to greater bonding and understanding.  The exercises include:

The Relationship Road Map, and Understanding Our Triune Brain
Taking the Daily Temperature Reading of the relationship
The PAIRS Dialogue Guide
The RAVE Model leading to an Empathic Shared Meaning
The Emotional Jug, and How to Empty It
Understanding and Controlling Dirty Fighting Tactics
Learning to Fight Fair
Family of Origin Systems and Genogram
A How To Discover Your Hidden Expectations  Identify Love Knots, and Do Fair Mind Reading
Forgiveness Defined, Received and Given
And much, much more...

Christian PAIRS  Written by Rev. Richard Marks and Dr. Lori Gordon, and taught by Don Farr, this program is taught as ten 2 ½ hour sessions or as a workshop over a three-day weekend.  Christian PAIRS  integrates intimate relationship skills with Christian theology and spirituality.  It does so with powerful impact for couples in a church community.  Written with great depth and intellect, the Handbook is spiritually uplifting. The concluding session on forgiveness is unique in this program.  

There are four distinctive programs taught by the NCS team:

Passage to Intimacy  A two-day basic-skills workshop that is the most popular short workshop delivered by PAIRS Instructors and Leaders. It fits well into a weekend, but can be taught in four 4-hour segments.  PTI provides your counseling clients and couples in your community a full set of beginning skills to build intimacy—for communication, problem solving, and healing relationship wounds. This highly acclaimed, enthusiastically received PAIRS workshop has its own Instructor Guide and Participant Handbook.

Love Knots  This one-day workshop is often scheduled to follow the two-day Passage to Intimacy workshop.  Addresses faulty assumptions and painful misunderstandings that arise in intimate relationships.  It identifies a range of Love Knots and provides a format for untangling them.  Give your community tools to resolve love-killing knots and double binds.  This workshop is appreciated by participants serious about intimacy, who want to identify hidden expectations that can sabotage love relationships. The teaching resources for this sure-bet workshop are an Instructor Guide, Participant Handbook, copies of Dr. Gordon's book, Love Knots,  and an instructional audio tape about Love Knots that spells out how to use a key PAIRS Tool, the Dialogue Guide.  Instructors who teach Love Knots report that most participants at the end of the day are eager to sign up for more PAIRS Programs

Faith-Based PrePAIRS Programs  Three beautiful handbooks, PrePAIRS for the Catholic, Jewish and Christian Marriage were written by a priest, a rabbi, and a minister, each in collaboration with Lori Gordon.  These PrePAIRS Handbooks guide five in-depth PAIRS sessions that are accompanied by biblical passages and spiritual concepts that integrate the PAIRS skills and principles into the faith of the participants.  These programs are ideal for use with couples seeking premarital counsel and instruction.   These programs are also used in family life ministries as an introduction to skills-based marriage enhancement and healing.  

PAIRS Family Experience  This one-day family program is taken directly from the first five sessions of the PEERS Basic 10.  Although written in language understandable to children and youth, this program has a depth and power that astounds adults.  Family relationships are transformed.  Troubling and futile interactions are replaced with more skillful and satisfying exchanges.  Depth and importance of family connection is experienced.  Excellent for family life programs, schools, and communities.

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