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Certified Tom Paterson's LifePlan™ Facilitator   

CHRISTIAN PAIRS Facilitator             Certified PREPARE/ENRICH  Trainers                      


Trained and Certified Facilitators                   An IRS 501(C)3 Scholarship Provider

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Then, For Personal Growth and Challenge

 Link to the Bible, by Book and Chapter

  A pamphlet of Hope authored by George Müller

Dallas Willard's comments on becoming the man/woman God designed us to be

Dallas Willard Interview regarding his Book "The Renovation of the Heart"

  Dallas Willard, John Ortburg & Larry Crabb  

Francis Chan's Rope Illustration

Louie Giglio - "How do You Want to Frame Your Marriage?"

  Know Jesus Christ personally (you know you want that - here's how to begin)

Personal Disaster Preparation for you and your family

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AND...Just for fun

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Cars of the 50's Quiz 

Our mission trip to Ground Zero in New York,in December 2001

The answering message that therapists would like to use

How are your Geography skills ?  

Can you place Middle East countries on a map ? 

Do YOU have "The Knack" ?

Eye-Hand Coordination Test

How big is YOUR universe ?

How big is YOUR universe II ? 

Census trends from 2000 to 2010 

Can you pass the Third Grade quiz ?


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Statistics on Cities in America

Find old school classmates

Oh, the things you can find at the Library of Congress


Please pray for our President, our leaders, our troops and our Nation.

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